Photographer and Filmmaker - leoraúl


About Me

I was born and raised in the tropical weather of Puerto Rico watching Rocky and Star Wars movies. I have been developing software for small businesses since MJ's last shot with the Bulls. However, it was when I bought my first Mac eight years later that I became obsessed with digital media. Since then, I have devoted hundreds of hours shooting, editing and sharing my photography and films. I took a long trip, but it was worth it.

Today, I earn my living writing code, but I live recording pictures.


Create, edit and delight with pictures. Candid, beautiful or cinematic pictures. No matter the camera or the apps or how they are shared, I want to shoot them. And if they fulfill my creative vision, then I'll know they are my pictures.

Curating a group of photos and bringing them down to only a select, fascinates me. Editing them and tagging and archiving them for easy find later, satisfies me. Delighting the eyes of others and knowing I'm recording frames in time, fuels me for more.

I will study, connect and document. And I will drive away when nothing is there, but knowing I did everything to create, edit and delight with that picture.

Contact Info

Please, feel free to use and share my photos and videos with credit and link to the original. For commercial use, I can be reached via email at Thank you for the visit.

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